Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Let Grace Flow

Sydney Anglicans have always had an obsession with God’s grace. It’s one of the things that makes us different – even the way we do aid.

We’re moved by the extravagance of God in Jesus. That’s why, this year, the Archbishop of Sydney’s Appeals Unit becomes Anglican Aid.

We still have our three funds: Overseas Ministry Fund; Overseas Relief and Aid Fund; and Community Care Fund but they will know be known as:

• Anglican Aid – Overseas Ministry;

• Anglican Aid – Overseas Development; and

• Anglican Aid – Community Care.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Update from DRC Berea Bible School

Malcolm and Elizabeth Richards in their latest e-newsletter updated us on the School’s activities.

After a week living in the village of Libuyu it was a relief to return to Kindu. Although the village chosen for the Bible School’s week of evangelism was only 25 km away it was too far to travel each day. Since the boat accident on the river the rules around crossing are much stricter and crossing after dark is now quite difficult. This means we could not stay for a days program that finished in late afternoon. So we stayed in the village and had 20 meals in a row with rice. Rice for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

We thank God that the week went well. There were no accidents and no sickness.

The program was full with various activities throughout each day. For students and staff it was a totally new experience to be part of a full program with events organized for different age groups including adults, youth and children.

The Bible School term finishes at the beginning of July and students will be starting their long walk home. Six students will graduate this term and we are encouraged by the way they have matured in understanding the Bible and ministry. Please pray for them.

On 30th June DR Congo will celebrate 50 years since independence from Belgium. Most big celebrations will happen in the capital Kinshasa. Please pray that it will be a peaceful occasion.

Malcolm and Elizabeth are missionaries with CMS and if you would like to be included on their newsletter email list then please contact CMS.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kenya – Diocese of Katakwa, Theological Education by Extension Program

The main aim of the Theological Education by Extension program in the Diocese of Katakwa is to equip men and women at the grass roots level with the knowledge, skills and character necessary for spiritual leadership in ministry. The program is designed to mentor and train Christian men and women on biblical knowledge, practical life, ministry skills and personal character development so that they may mature fulfilling God’s purposes and provide spiritual and ministry leadership for their local churches. It has become one of the effective ways of equipping and empowering the clergy and laity.
In a recent report to us the Diocesan TEE Coordinator, Rev. Amos Shiundu Mukung’, has shared comments made by the students on the impact the program has had on their lives.

“The TEE training is one of the greatest things I have ever gained in my life. I have gained a lot of skills and knowledge through this program. It has transformed an ordinary person like me to be a transforming agent in order to transform others for the Lord. It is a fact to me that it is amazing that the more the people grow in the word, the lesser the problems in the church”

“TEE is a treasure beyond measure in so many respects. The first thing that happened to me is that I got grounded in the word. Despite the fact that I have been in Church for many years I had never known I was syncretistic in my beliefs, it had never occurred to me that deep in me I held strong African Traditional Religious beliefs for example every year during Christmas period it was a custom to accompany other clan members to the community burial shrine – where our dead are buried. We all partake in slaughtering animals in order to appease the ancestors before going to the Church for worship. Nobody ever told me that it is an idolatry practice until the time I enrolled in TEE course dealing with African Traditional Religion. It is through that I was able to see the light. I have started teaching others that this practice is contrary to the scriptures”

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Islam or Christianity, the Battle for Ugandan Hearts and Minds

Alfred Olwa, the Dean of the School of Theology and Divinity at the Uganda Christian University, was the speaker at this week’s breakfast meeting. Alfred spoke on the challenge to Christianity in Uganda and using examples from his personal experience highlighted the need for continue prayer for Ugandan Christians and ongoing support for sound Bible based teaching.
The next breakfast meeting is on Tuesday, 13 April when Joanna Ryan, our Program Manager, will talk on her recent trip to East Africa. For further details please contact Bettina Tong at btong@abau.org.au.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Update from Richards in Berea, DR Congo

Dear Friends

The seminar held in the first week of March for last years Bible School graduates was a great success. We spent the first two days just listening to each of the participants as they told us what has happened since last July when they returned home. We were moved by stories of births and deaths, of amazing hardships, of false accusations against some of them. We were particularly amazed that despite all this they were continuing to work in their churches as best they could.

The system here is that when a person completes Bible School training they are sent home to work as an evangelist or full time lay church worker. If all goes well they would be selected to be ordained after a couple of years. The difficulty is that we are introducing something new. These graduates have had a higher level of training than previously and they have a lot more Bible knowledge and training in pastoral work. Consequently already existing evangelists are worried that there own chances of being ordained are reduced by these new evangelists on the scene. The reaction in some cases has been to make life as difficult as possible for the new graduates, in one case to the point of accusing someone of trying to poison the pastor.

This situation was not entirely unexpected but we are shocked at the level of opposition. Please pray for these 8 newly trained evangelists that they will have the courage to stand firm and to use what they have been taught.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Archbishop of Sydney's ‘Reach the People of Uganda’ Appeal

The Church in Uganda is desperately short of trained clergy for the future. Your urgent support through Achbishop of Sydney's Overseas Ministry Fund will help us fulfil our commitment by covering the theological tuition costs at Ugandan Christian University of 30 students: 10 students in Year One, 10 students in Year Two and 10 students in Year Three.
Donations can be made through the website www.abau.org.au/donations or on 1800 653 903.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

ABAU Office Moves to the City

The ABAU team has now relocated to St Andrew’s House in the city. Our new address is: PO Box Q190, QVB Post Office NSW 1230 and the new telephone number is 9284 1406. The email address stays the same.